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Be - Focused

We think that nowadays there are many distractions around us that do not allow us to be as productive as we want to be. Starting from our colleagues, finishing with the almighty internet. Every one of us has been in a situation where deadlines or upcoming exams are pushing us, but we still somehow manage to procrastinate OR we are so stressed out about an event that is coming up that it is hard to focus properly.

We have been there and we are here for you!

What do we do?

We provide various ways to improve your focus as soon as possible to help you reach the success that you deserve. We provide you with different simple ways to improve focus which/that does not need any previous knowledge or preparation. Exercises are divided into three subsections:

Breathe               Listen               Move

So you can choose exercises that best suits for you. Whether it is just listening to some audio files (we have added extra Alpha and Betha sound waves for better results!), some practical exercises or breathing exercises if you are into breathing. Or you can mix them up or choose the one that best suits for your environment.

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We are looking for our early users that want to increase their focus on a daily basis. In return, when our app is launched, the first 500 subscribers will have the first year access free of charge.