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Everything that we have experienced, are experiencing and will experience is because we have brains. And to better understand how our exercises will help you in improving your focus at the moment and concentration capacity overall, we have to look at how our brain works. The brain is the main part of our nervous system, people like to call it The Processor of our body. 
The brain receives information or INPUT, then it decides what the input means and what to do about it, in one word PROCESS is it, then it creates an OUTPUT.

Input can be anything that you can imagine (sound, smell, touch, the upcoming exam, a task that your boss has given to you etc.), processing happens in different parts of your brain that all are connected and interconnected with neuron connections.
Processing basically is blood flow increase in various parts of your brain that then activates and creates an output.
Output is everything that we experience consciously or unconsciously. Whether it’s a sensation, emotion, physical movement, focus or something else.
Sometimes our brains feel so overwhelmed that it’s hard to focus properly.

We offer you (and your brain) different inputs which will help you improve your focus.


Focus improving exercises, best used when having a hard time to focus or right before a stressful meeting or event


Focus improving audio files, best used in a busy working environment when it is needed to get in the zone and catch-up on the deadline


Focus improving movements, best used when feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from your body

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